Top Shelf Vacation Condo  On Norris Lake

     Norris Lake is a dammed up river covering 5 counties in Tennessee. In 1911, Tennessee decided to build a dam due to inclement flooding in the area. When the dam was finished in 1936, it was named Norris Dam in honor of George Norris, a supporter of the Tennessee Valley Authority and Nebraska senator. Now, Norris lake winds through the Tennessee Valley providing fun and enjoyment to all people who vacation there. Activities in and around the lake include all types of water skiing on all types of boats, as well as horseback riding, fishing, jet skiing, and more. The vacation area is even open during the winter for a relaxing, scenic view that will calm any spirit. Check out all of the fun things to do at Our condo is just one of many that will guarantee a good inland vacation for anybody, offering many unique attractions. Continue on to see our specialties!